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50 Years a Yogi - Roxanne Louise Swan

50 Years a Yogi

5.0 out of 5 stars A cultural revolution through the eyes of one

Reading this memoir felt like being offered an overview of how the Western world has been subtly, yet profoundly shaped by the influx of Eastern ideas and practices over the last decades, beginning shortly after WWII.

In following the various twists and turns of Roxanne’s personal journey to become a Yogi, I was reminded that the quest for “Enlightenment” has shaped the trajectory of so many of us who are alive in this tumultuous, yet intensely evolutionary, moment in human history.

We may be doing it in a great variety of ways, and we may not have (yet) brought about the utopia we were hoping for, but we have certainly contributed something good along the way, both on the individual and collective levels. Just looking around at how today meditation is offered up as a remedy to anxiety even within mainstream hospitals is testimony to these very subtle, profound shifts, and it’s a wonderful thing to see!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable read, punctuated with splashes of wonderfully descriptive and profound writing. I especially loved that it ended with the same humility it began with. Rather than platitudes, or spiritual edicts, Roxanne offers up a glimpse into the ongoing quest for wholeness, and reminds us that we are never really there, and that is perfectly fine.

– by Martha Bache-Wiig

Sometimes you come across a book that captures your attention and carries you through to the last page. This is one of those stories. It begins with a traumatic unthinkable event and develops into an engaging life over the next 60 years.  The memoir is engaging.  Her spirit and openness move her and you through relationships and but always keeps an interesting perspective on life. A learning experience that brings you back to being here now. Well worth your time.

by Frances Torino

“Some of us are counterculture–we don’t seek security in the form of a corporate existence. … instead take one day at a time, allowing ourselves to stay open to the rich possibilities of life. Roxanne Swan is one of those people. Her journey begins in the mid-50’s growing up near the MSP airport, where a plane crashes on her family’s street and sets fire to her house. Her tale doesn’t let up from there. It’s a remarkable memoir that takes you from her childhood through all the debacles of youth and steamy relationships (including the famous Horst Rechelbacher, nee “Horst,” who founded Aveda) to adulthood and on. She remains beautifully curious and isn’t afraid of taking a risk. Across the years, she learns the patience and practice of Tantra yoga, returning to its wisdom time and time again–and learns to love herself in the process.  If you want to know how young people survived the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, I highly recommend!”

By Jeri Smith

“What a beautiful and energetic compassionate author.  I love Roxanne’s attention to detail.  It makes her memoir come alive to the point I can see hear and taste what she sees, hears, and tastes.  A real journey through times of tribulations and trials to make sense of the world around her and searching for the path of enlightenment, our ultimate goal.  Lots of humor and wisdom and a talent for describing the internal and external surroundings.  She’d make a great script writer alongside her books.”

By Karen Slater