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“Alternate Nostril breathing is a really good tool to take the edge off when you’re having heightened emotions, so you can get yourself calmed down and re-set your nervous system. You’ll feel better when you have some control over your own emotions. It’s a really great tool, really empowering.” – S. Holter of S Holter Consulting LLC


“I and my husband were in MN for a short while in 2014. We were fortunate to have found a wonderful yoga guru like Roxanne during our stay there. She is very knowledgeable, extremely patient, understands students needs and guides them diligently as per their needs.

Gentle yoga techniques, especially relaxation, Roxanne taught us were very calming and effective. We are back in India and still practice them. We didn’t feel a need to look for another teacher. Her sessions are our guiding light even now.

 Thank you Roxanne for your wonderful teaching and the adorable person you are!

– Kalyani and Gopalakrishnan

“Years ago Roxanne taught me gentle yoga hand stretching movements that I loved because they were soothing. I continue to do these simple movements daily to relieve arthritis in my fingers.”

– Dr. Claudia Gerig French